Sounds are Objects


A trail of ink explores the textures and shapes of various materials and surfaces which are cumulatively projected onto the soundtrack. 

A mix of colours come together and the sound of a nearby wall is rough and scratchy. After finding a circuit board an electronic element is added. Then musicality is expressed after the ink navigates a turntable and across the grooves of a record. The colours separate out again as a chord plays and music is further developed through contact with a small musical movement. As the ink continues to wash over everything the colours combine again in a tank of water, releasing all the previously acquired sounds and engulfing the screen with black - silence.

Sounds are Objects expresses the idea that we conceptualise the abstract experience of sound through visual and physical metaphor. Demonstrated in language, we refer to sounds through tactile metaphors like 'rough' or 'smooth', or spatial metaphors like 'up' and 'down'. Sounds are essentially, conceptually and fundamentally, understood as objects. 

A blend of stop motion and live action, the project uses about 10,000 stills and includes recordings from a DIY hydrophone. Notes from the music movement were recorded through a tank of water and re-edited into the music. The musical movement originally plays Over the Rainbow. Electronic sounds are from short circuiting a stylophone. The music that plays as the ink runs over the record is called Strange Dreams: