Sounds are Objects


A trail of ink explores the textures and shapes of various items, materials and surfaces which are cumulatively projected onto the soundtrack.

Beginning with different colours of ink, it comes together as black and scales a nearby wall. The sound of the wall is rough and crumbling. The ink finds its way to a circuit board where an electronic element is added to the soundtrack. After running through a turntable and over a record, the ink begins to express musicality and a chord resonates out of the black ink as three colours. Some blue ink finds a small musical movement and a melody plays out as the rest continues to wash over everything before coming together again in a container of water. As the ink spreads, mixes and becomes black again, all the previous elements of the soundtrack are subtly released until they're all gone and black overwhelms, resulting in silence.

Sounds are Objects expresses the idea that we conceptualise the abstract experience of sound through visual and physical metaphor. We can refer to sounds through tactile metaphors like 'rough' or 'smooth', or spatial metaphors like 'up' and 'down'. Sounds are essentially understood as objects.

The film is a mix of stop motion and live action, with some shots blending both together. The project used about 10,000 stills and included building a hydrophone to record the individual notes of the musical movement.